Our Camping Trailers are provided by our partners, Minikaravaani. They are lightweight and, thus, they can be attached to smaller vehicles, motorcycles or quad bikes. Their teardrop shape improves aerodynamics and this is reflected in a minimum increase in fuel consumption. The Camping Trailers that we sell are “eco-friendly” and made of recyclable materials. This helps us to protect the nature, which is one of the main reasons for camping.

No need to obtain E-class driving licence, as the Camping Trailers belong to the category of trailers up to 750 kilograms, class o1, is another huge advantage of our Camping Trailers.

Camping Trailers are efficient, compact and multifunctional products that are quite easy to handle. You will have a lot of fun with them. Experience the feeling of freedom on your trips with your family and friends without worrying about high prices of fuel, expensive repairs and service, which are often required for the smooth operation of large caravans

There is also the possibility to rent our Camping Trailers through AirBnb , Trip Advisor Rentals or by contacting us directly.